Transportation Exhibit

The Jacksonville Regional Transit Center was a proposed modern transit complex to be built in Jacksonville, FL. Jones Worley was tasked with creating experiential wall graphics and a transit history exhibit. The exhibit and graphics relate to the past, present, and future of the Jacksonville area, touching on its important moments, places and people. 

Photo—Exhibit Installed
Look to the Future

Exhibit panel and interior wall graphic that represents the spirit of progress and the future of transportation

Dedication Plaque

Plaque with dedication date and key executive members responsible for the development of the Jacksonville Regional Transportation Center.

CEO Commemorative Award
Metal and acrylic award designed to present to Nathaniel P Ford, who spearheaded the effort to build the new transit center. Due to COVID supply issues, award production was not ready in time for the dedication ceremony. To represent the award, photos were taken of Mr. Ford's office, and a 3D render was created to represent how it would look placed in his office. A 360 degree panoramic photo was taken in his office to provide accurate lighting for the render. ​​​​​​​

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